Friday, February 1, 2008

Fattycakes VLCD 21 - On a Roll

Start Date R1: January 12, 2008
Start weight: 186.4
Goal: 145
Yesterday's weight: 172.6
Today's weight: 171.2
Overnight Loss: 1.4
Total Loss: -15.2lbs

Hello all....Another loss, 15lbs and counting!

yesterday's menu:
B: grapefruit
S: melba toast
L: chicken on spinach salad (mustard, vinegar and splenda mixture for dressing)
D: cajun chicken, spinach and stewed apples

Gotta go to work!


BizAdventure said...

Most excellent!!! WOO HOO FOR YOU!

Lili said...

Wow -- when you lose, you really go for it!!!

maryg911 said...

Awww yea, you are on a roll (doing the cabbage patch dance for you)!!

Ed & Jennifer said...

I gotta tell you this! My brother used to sing this song to me and my sister when we were little "fatty patch kids growing in the garden..." so when I see your blog it reminds me of that song and I laaaaugh!

I haven't had a chance to comment but want to tell you how awesome that would be if you did that 3 day walk! I would be so down for something like that! Not only would it be a great way to tone up but what a great cause! Too cool, let us know what you decide.

You're doing great!

TNgal80 said...

Good girl! You are rockin and rollin off with those pounds. I added you to my daily reads hon...I need to catch up on your blog! :)