Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fattycakes aka baggy pants - VLCD 24

Start Date R1: January 12, 2008
Start weight: 186.4
Goal: 145
Yesterday's weight: 169.2
Today's weight: 169.4
Overnight Gain: .2
Total Loss: -17.0lbs

Hello everyone, I had a slight gain today...looking forward to tomorrow. Feeling great!!!

Yesterday's menu:
B: orange
L: spinach salad & chicken
S: apple
D: baked fish & cabbage


cb9094 said...

Hang in there. Probably just a stair step. You should see a decent loss in the morning!


Ed & Jennifer said...

And what's 2 oz anyway?! That's like the weight of an ant! LOL

Still 17 lbs lost...that's amazing!

maryg911 said...

Just catching up today, you are doing awesome and you hit a new decade, congrats!!

BizAdventure said...

Gain Shmain - you know the drill. NO worries mate!