Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fattycakes - Valentine's Skip Day

Start Date R1: January 12, 2008
Start weight: 186.4
Goal: 145
Yesterday's weight: 164.8
Today's weight: 164.8
Overnight Loss/Gain: 0
Total Loss: 21.6

I'm maintainin'.... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Now, this is crazy....I am at work and for some reason, I smell fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Isn't that strange?!!? I even smell hot sauce...I eat hot sauce on everything. My mind is playing tricks on me. Even b4 hcg, I didn't eat fried chicken on a regular. Ok, Ok...I'll snap out of it and have a cup of peach green tea. LOL

How do I say this without sounding strange...anyway here it goes. The other morning, I was in bed and it was time to get up. It was the weekend and I was trying to sleep a little late, which is unusual for me. My husband was standing over the bed trying to wake me up. He was feeling around as if he couldn't find something. I said, "hey what are you looking for, my tummy"?
He really LOL because I was right, he was trying to give me a tummy rub and couldn't find it!!!!!
And I was even laying on my side, how 'bout that? Go hcg!!

I have to go, now I'm smelling movie theatre popcorn.

Hello ALL...thanks for the comments!!!!


yesterday's menu:
B: strawberries
L: steak and cabbage
S: apple
D: fish & cabbage
plenty of water


Ed & Jennifer said...

OMG you and me both! Yesterday I actually tasted (in my mind) black beans on a quesadilla with cheese-like where did that come from?! I taste weird stuff like that-you’re not alone! Yeah, Ed actually wants to go to a movie tonight and the smell of popcorn...oh my!!!

Still chuggin' along girlfriend! Hubby needs to look on your body for that shrinking belly-LOL! I have a hard time keeping the boobs in place not the belly!

BizAdventure said...

It's so about the little things with this! Oh I bet he made you feel like a million bucks! WOO HOO FOR YOU!!!

Becca said...

How funny that you keep smelling different foods! Is it imaginary or are people really heating up that food in the lunch room. Sometimes someone will pop popcorn in the microwave at work and I just go crazy with the smell! I love popcorn with REAL butter!
And I'm sure your DH found something he LIKED when he was groping around! LOL!

maryg911 said...

Man don't you hate that when you smell food that you know you can't have? But smelling is okay just not tasting!!